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Our Foundation is based upon the principle that life is to be embraced fully and loved to its fullest extent.   To this end, the foundation focuses upon educational, research, and charitable endeavors.   This blog will serve as a publication tool for the foundation as we continue to strive in guiding more people in loving the life they live!

The vision of the Do What You Love Foundation is to create and enhance happiness around the world. We believe that if people take time to do at least one thing they love each day they will lead happier lives which leads to a happier planet. For many reasons in a person’s life, they do not get the opportunity to do what they love. We would love to help people get closer to those missed opportunities.

The Do What You Love Foundation mission is to empower individuals to improve their lives through educational or other growth endeavors. The mission has been achieved through providing educational courses and financial grants to improve an individual’s life moving them closer to living enhanced lives by doing something they love professionally or personally.

The Story of the Do What You Love Foundation.  

The Do What You Love Foundation was founded in April 2010.   The first inspiration was driven by the many people who were laid off after the 2008 market crash. The many layoffs led people reassessing their relationship to work and realign their values to embrace a better-rounded lifestyle balancing work and life.   The other part of the inspiration was the founder’s life changing car accident in March 2010. Dr. Malayter had her own opportunity to reassess her career and how she led her life after experiencing a brain injury in the car accident. She was faced with several months of recovery, a career reinvention, and a life values assessment. During her journey of recovery and life reinvention, she discovered many people needed guidance on how to really love their lives and how to make simple shifts to lead more fulfilling lives.

Dr. Maria K. Malayter – Life is Short, Do What You Love!

Our main website is www.dowhatulovefoundation.org

DWYL Foundation is registered with the State of Illinois as a NFP on April 17, 2010 File #67464427.



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